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Babylon Pink

Babylon Pink (1979)

Great Nudity!

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Men in the current century are often derided as being clueless when it comes to understanding the inner workings of women. Back at the dawn of the 1980s, there was no such lack of male insight into the secret motives of lusty ladies, largely due to instructive flicks such as Babylon Pink (1979). Directed by voyeuristic visionary Henri Pachard and boasting a bevy of all-time XXX starlets, this work of art is a true masturbate-piece. The erotically-charged female leads revel in the unfettered imaginings of their raging libidos. Every one of these naked babes submits to the will of a self-summoned masterful dream lover. As a horny housewife, Vanessa Del Rio bares her butt, bush and breasts while having un-simulated sex on screen. Not to be outdone, Samantha Fox goes full frontal in her portrayal of a submissive businesswoman who lets a dude finger her. As things heat up, she reveals her rump. Next comes Georgette Sanders — literally — when the nude ingénue pleasures herself with a shower massage in the bath. If that’s not kinky enough, Georgina Spelvin plays an “elegant aunt” who will make you want to attend family reunions! Thanks to her provocative performance, she exposes her three Bs as she pees. Did we mention the mamtastic multi-tasker also gives a tennis pro (David Morris) an enthusiastic blow job while she’s on the toilet? Additional fantasies feature a sexy secretary (Merle Michaels), a ravishing roommate (Arcadia Lake), and a mouthwatering woman called “Tonight’s Dinner” (Debbie Revenge). Yum, yum!