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The Harrad Experiment

The Harrad Experiment (1973)

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Advertised as "The sex manifesto for the free love generation," The Harrad Experiment follows Don Johnson and a bunch of horny college students as sexual guinea pigs. They actually get credit for rooming with cuties, taking special mating classes and having toga parties without the togas. Good news: everybody gets naked, right down to their pretty pubes. That includes hippie hotties like Victoria Thompson, Laurie Walters and Susan Taggart. Even teacher Tippi Hedren gets down to her tightie whities. Bad news: Johnson and the other male cast members show their members. Still, the Harrad Experiment is a torrid success. If you're looking for the best of the skin-ful scenes, look no further than those featuring Victoria, who shows off her gorgeous nude body not once, not twice, but THREE times throughout the course of the flick. The first one occurs a mere 1 minutes in, and its a nice shot of her ass in the bathroom. A few minutes later she shows up a quick shot of her boobs and ass while jumping in the bed. Ten minutes after that she wastes no time showing some teats and bush while hanging out with a nude hippie clan. Sharon Ullrick also shows off all three of her Bs at the 43 minute mark while at the pool with some people. The Harrad Experiment is an experiment in how long you can refrain from pulling off your pants and finding your favorite bottle of lube. In short, it's an experience worth having whether you're horny or not!