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Black Shampoo

Black Shampoo (1976)

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If a bad, proud black man decides that he is a lover, not a fighter, and sets about living his life in the manner that best presents himself as God’s gift to women, then for the sake of peace and quiet, don’t mess with the dude’s trip! Lest you turn him into a relentless, hyper-violent vigilante. That's just what happens in the blaxploitation flick Black Shampoo (1976). Jonathan Knight (John Daniels) is a dude who is easy enough to get along with. Just leave him to running his Sunset Strip hair salon and boning his steady stream of female admirers. He'll take an inch off, then put eight inches in! And don’t interfere with the happiness of his trusted receptionist Brenda (Tanya Boyd), even if you are one of the top dogs in the Mob (Joe Ortiz). When a mobster doesn't listen, kidnaps his receptionist, trashes Jonathan's salon, and messes with his gay male employee, Jonathan decides he'll settle the score himself with everything from a pool stick to a chainsaw! Filmed in part due to the success of the now largely forgotten, Warren Beatty as a horny haircutter flick Shampoo (1975), this blaxploitation classic gets high marks for portraying a black business owner and having him stick up for a gay employee. How progressive! But don't worry, this one didn't skimp on the nudity from both Diana St. Clair and Tanya Boyd.Miss St. Clair and her pretty blonde hair get ready for a topless swim, showing her perfect pair! Then, she flashes a bit of beav when hiking up her skirt and sitting on Jonathan's lap. We'd like to condition her to show that thing every time she's on screen! Miss Boyd, on the other hand would find a warm reception wherever she brought that sweet black body. She shows all three B's while stripping and joining Jonathan in the shower, while fleeing her captors, and while swimming naked in the pool. That'll definitely make you drool! You probably didn't think you'd have a sore wrist from a movie about a male hairstylist, but Black Shampoo will make you goo!