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Cindy and Donna

Cindy and Donna (1970)

Great Nudity!
  • Genres: Drama
  • Directed by: Robert Anderson
  • Rated: X
  • Theatrical Release: 02/02/1970
  • Country: USA
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Cindy and Donna (1970) is a fantastical love story about two teenage half sisters who share the same mother, but not the same father. Cindy (Debbie Osborne) sees Donna (Nancy Ison) having sex...with Cindy's dad! This makes Cindy go wild - smoking pot and letting her lesbian desires free as she hooks up with her friend Karen (Cheryl Powell). Both of their sexual awakenings ramp up to a dangerous end that ultimately leads to Donna's demise. 

A movie about two teen half-sisters blossoming during their sexual awakening? You bet it's going to half plenty of young, hot mavens! The gorgeous Debbie Osborne takes a shower, so she strips down to nothing so that we can marvel at her perky pokies and bright white bum, as well as the bikini tan lines all around her goodie bits. She lays by the pool in her bikini and looks so good that it's no wonder she has a sexual renaissance! She makes out topless in her underwear with a hunky dude on top of her. What a lucky fella! Cheryl Powell has so bi-sexual fun as she makes love with a tall drink of water on the couch, but later lets her lady lust out as she takes off her bikini top and kisses Debbie all over. She gets on top of Debbie to show her dominance, as well as her beautiful thighs. Mr. Skin's eyes are on Nancy Ison who wears a bright blue lace bra that shows off her tight midsection and little hips. She later takes it off to unveil mouthwatering chest-melons! Delicious! Alice Friedland is saved for last cause she plays a stripper who plays her part to perfection. In her bikini thong, she shows up on screen topless to show off her oiled yabos that she presses against a lucky man as the two bump bellies. If you look closely, you can see patches of Alice's shaved retro bush as she lays in bed post-coitus. Mr. Skin loves this movie that features so many fine felines topless!