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She Came to Me

She Came to Me (2023)

Brief Nudity

Top Scene


Steven Lauddem (Peter Dinklage) is an acclaimed opera composer in New York who recently had a nervous breakdown and is currently suffering from writer’s block, though he’s assured his producers he’s in the midst of writing a new show. He can only extract so much support from his fashionable and extremely regimental wife Patricia (Anne Hathaway) a therapist slowly becoming engrossed with religion, or from his stepson Julian (Evan Ellison), who’s dating the housecleaner’s daughter (Harlow Jane). He goes for a walk and encounters a tugboat captain named Katrina (Marisa Tomei) who admits she has a romance addiction and a penchant for stalking, so of course, he sleeps with her. Their one time sexual fling that afternoon sparks Steven’s creativity, and he writes a Sweeney Todd-esque opera about her that becomes a bona fide hit, but also creates a big ol’ mess when, instead of offending Katrina, it just makes her more obsessed with him. Both of Steven’s ladies strip down, though with Anne, it’s while getting dressed and rejecting his request for an unscheduled sex night and then later when she’s telling a story to a patient in what we guess is some weird type of scream therapy where the therapist does the screaming. With Marisa, it’s down to a lacy corset and silk bloomers while on her boat to seduce Steven. As the sexiest tugboat captain in skinema history, she’ll make you want to do some tugging of your own!