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8MM 2

8MM 2 (2005)

Great Nudity!

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An American politician living in Budapest lands in hot water when he and his fiancé are videotaped having sex with a model in 8MM 2 (2005). If you're thinking this must be related to the Joel Schumacher directed Nicolas Cage movie 8mm (1999), then you're partly right, but very likely to be disappointed. See, this was going to be a totally unrelated movie called "The Velvet Side of Hell" until the studio realized it would never sell, so it got renamed as a straight to DVD sequel to 8mm despite having no connection to that movie. In this one, Johnathon Schaech is the American diplomat who heads to Budapest with his wife Tish (Lori Heuring). They decide to sample some of the local get off-erings when they spot the sexy Risa (Zita Gorog) at their hotel. After a threesome, they end up on the wrong side of an extortion plot from a dude who claims he's got dirty videos of the three, and wants 200K for them. David should of just forked it over for the porking video, since soon enough bodies start piling up, he ends up kidnapped, and that number skyrockets to over five million bucks. Could the whole thing be as simple as a sex tape extortion scheme, or is something bigger going on? The second film might not have had the star power the first movie did, but what it lacked in A-listers it made up for in T&A! While Lori Heuring used a butt double for her sex scene with Zita Gorog, Zita most definitely did not. She flashed all three B's as the diplomat and his wife watched her go for a naked stroll by the water, before things got even hotter as she hopped into bed with both of them. Beyond that, at one point in the movie Sophie Moone and Anette Dawn played with each other's best parts as part of a naked, lezzy photoshoot, while a bit later and Francesca Kingdon will go totally nude as she walks around the dressing room completely undressed. It might have pulled a switcheroo with its title, but at least 8MM 2 will have you growing a few inches!