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The Life of David Gale

The Life of David Gale (2003)

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Kevin Spacey is a prominent activist against the death penalty who ends up on death row in The Life of David Gale (2003). Some coincidence, huh? Maybe not. Spacey is the title character, who decides to tell his story to network journalist Bitsey Bloom (Kate Winslet). A serious journalist despite her absurd name, Bloom conducts a series of final interviews with the former professor and begins to figure out that his case is surprisingly complex. Ludicrously complex, as most film critics said. Basically, Gale was a college professor in Texas who was once accused of assaulting a student (Rhona Mitra), only to be put on death row when his DNA is all over the body of another anti-Capital punishment person, Constance Harroway (Laura Linney). But when Bitsey does some investigating, it ends up Harroway had terminal cancer, and the question of whether she decided to frame Gale immediately arises. Watch for the very clever twist ending to this one, even if it was a box office bomb that people weren't very fond of. But since we're fans of anything we can fondle ourselves to, bondage fans might enjoy the nudity of Laura Linney being tightly bound as the video plays of her murder. Sure, just watching that scene spoils the whole ending, but no twist is worth missing out on a chance to see bush, butt and tit! But if you don't want the spoiler, you can still see her rack during some sweet sexecution with Mr. Gale. For some real old-fashioned teacher/student relations, though, check out Rhona Mitra's rump as she's banging Spacey in the bathroom. Teach a class in the day then get pieces of ass like that at night? David Gale had the life!