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Pray for Power

Pray for Power (2001)

Great Nudity!

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Pray for Power (2000) is a B-movie, a thriller starring Lisa Boyle, an exploitation movie. Do you really need to know more? If you need more convincing, there’s more nudity here than in the usual direct-to-video thriller. Lisa plays a recovering alcoholic who lands a Playboy cover. Oddly, she finds herself trapped in a hotel bathroom, where she has gone to pee, when the couple staying there return and fuck in the bedroom. But the guy is killed by his girlfriend and her accomplice, and the killers see her. She escapes and we have the conflict to drive the feature forward. To add to the hotness, we have Sue Hirko as the female assassin. Lisa gives us the mother load of nudity, though, modeling topless and in a sex scene with a hint of bush. Sue does give us a three-B killing during a murder. Let’s just agree that they’re both killing it.