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Wildcats (1986)

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The sports comedy Wildcats (1986) marked the film debuts of both Woody Harrelson and Wesley Snipes, who would both go on to make a much more beloved sports comedy than this one. But does White Men Can't Jump (1992) let you see Goldie Hawn's lady lumps? No, it doesn't, so Mr. Skin prefers the football film. In the movie, Goldie is Molly McGrath, the daughter of a legendary high school football coach who get stuck coaching girl's track at a fancy schmancy school because nobody wants to hire a woman to coach football. It's a man's game! Not a ma'am's game! At least, no school that has any other choice is willing to hire her. Luckily for Molly, Chicago's gritty inner-city Central High School is desperate enough to give her a shot, so her and her perky rack quit coaching track and she takes the gig even though the team's terrible. Soon enough she's dealing with sexism, a lack of funds, and the fact that her entire team sort of stinks. Of course, with the help of a player (Mykelti Williamson) she pulls away from a life of crime, Molly comes up with the right X's and O's for her Jimmy's and Joe's to turn into a winning team! If she promised sexual favors in return for wins, the Wildcats could beat the Dallas Cowboys! Let us score if we score? At least a postgame cuddle for perfecting the no huddle? It's work, but that would be a different kind of movie. Still, you don't expect to get a look at the coaches cans in a sports movie, but this one was different. At one point in the movie Goldie is lounging in the bath and we get a clear shot of her hooters under the water. It doesn't get much hotter! Pigskin with a side of hot blonde skin? It's every red blooded American man's fantasy! Those hoots can score all sorts of five star recruits in Wildcats!