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Where the Truth Lies

Where the Truth Lies (2005)

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The mysterious death of a young woman breaks up a popular Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin-like comedy team in Where the Truth Lies (2005). Based on a novel by Richard Holmes, AKA the dude who sang "The Pina Colada Song," Kevin Bacon plays the Lewis surrogate named Lanny, while Colin Firth plays the Deano character named Vince. After a Polio telethon in Miami, they fly to Jersey to do a gig for a mob boss, only to find a young journalist they'd just talked to in Miami dead in their hotel room from an apparent drug overdose. They split, and over a decade later a new writer named Karen (Alison Lohman) decides to help Vince work on an autobiography, but ends up banging Lanny while doing her research for the book, but not telling him who she really is and what she's really up to. Eventually, the two former partners figure out her ruse, but Karen discovers some stuff of her own. Maybe the two fellas did more stuff together than just making jokes? Stuff that wouldn't fly back in the 50's? Yes, it ends up the comic duo share not only their box-office success, but girls as well. During one such sexcapade, Rachel Blanchard gets topless in a threesome with the two showbiz players. Then, we see her bush as she lies naked but dead on the floor. Alison Lohman's mini-mams come out to sizzle with Bacon, then with Kristin Adams, who is dressed like Alice in Wonderland, and yes she shows her wonder mams. Oh man that's hot Miss Lohman! Rebecca Davis, in her nude debut, goes for broke, or more accurately bush, flashing everything she has during a scene where she goes for a naked stroll before bumping into a wholesome housewife. Only Sonja Bennett doesn't come under the sexy influence of celebrity. No lie, the nudity alone makes Where the Truth Lies worth a watch!