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Strip Search (2004)

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Remember 9/11? Everything changed after that day. Mr. Skin worried he’d never feel randy again. Luckily, that concern only lasted for about one second. Just to prove how erection-friendly the new regime could be, Sidney Lumet directed a little morality tale for HBO called Strip Search (2004) —  not to be confused with the Pam Grier babes-in-chains flick Strip Search (1997) which took place in the 20th century. Of course, the titillating titles on both of these films raised our interest, just as the casting of Maggie Gyllenhaal raised another part of the anatomy! She’s known for not letting a little thing like clothing stand in the way of her revealing roles. So, we were delighted to watch her take it all off. Mamtastic Maggie plays an American detained in China, and during her questioning she shows that she has nothing to hide by spending the majority of the movie naked. Consequently, we get to see nearly every inch of the skintastic starlet’s bare body! There’s also a parallel plot about an Arab (Bruno Lastra) held in an NYC prison, but he doesn’t look as good naked. Throughout the course of the drama, Ms. Gyllenhaal’s globes are manhandled and her glutes get chilled on a cold bench. When a captor (Ken Leung) inspects the incarcerated cutie, she’s told to open her mouth “like during oral sex!” If that’s not arousing enough, Maggie exposes her muff during the interrogation. It may be torture for her character but it’s an absolute pleasure for us!