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Broken Flowers

Broken Flowers (2005)

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Bill Murray plays an aging womanizer who learns that he may have a nineteen-year-old son from one of his earlier trysts, and is sent on a mystery train of a road trip trying to track him down in Jim Jarmusch's Broken Flowers (2005). Bill plays Don Johnston, a rich geezer spending his time doing a whole lot of nothing, but who still managed to bag a hot blonde girlfriend (Julie Delpy) to pass the sexy time with. Unfortunately, for the dude who didn't star in Miami Vice, she dumps him when he's given an anonymous letter telling him he's a dad. With the help of a buddy, Don tracks down the four most likely candidates he might have had a baby with, and soon enough is having disastrous dalliances with exes like: Laura (Sharon Stone) who has a public nudity loving daughter that she unironically named Lolita (Alexis Dziena), Dora (Frances Conroy) the former free love practicing hippy who has sold out to become a boring suburban mom, Carmen (Jessica Lange) the woman who never became a lawyer like she said she would and doesn't really want to hear about it from her ex-boyfriend, and Penny (Tilda Swinton) the biker chick who's still pissed about how Don treated her all those years ago. Who wrote the note? Is there actually a little Don Jr. running around? If so, we hope he's half the cocksman his papa was, since the women Bill bedded in this flick are insanely hot. But with all due respect to the MILF parade Broken Flowers takes us on, it's the young Lolita, played by Alexis Dziena, that really makes this flower bloom. When Bill visits Sharon Stone, Lolita entertains Murray by going for a naked stroll around her house while he's sitting in her living room, showing all three B's including a retro bush to match her tight tush. That juicy piece of jailbait is smokin in Broken! One shot of Alexis in Broken Flowers and you'll need one, two, maybe even three cold showers!