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Prozac Nation (2001)

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What's a nut to do? If you're Christina Ricci as the messed-up heroine of Prozac Nation (2001), then it's pill popping time. But if you're a viewer, then it's nut draining time as Christina finally unloads her heavy sacks in her first true and truly outstanding nude scene. She opens the picture with a bang, fully nude and those honking hooters rising over her flat stomach like two dirigibles advertising something wild. There's no way the film can top those tops, but it doesn't matter. The image lingers like the smell of sex and intoxicates the audience throughout the proceedings. If that's what being a member of Prozac Nation is all about . . . doctor, prescribe that happy medicine to the Skin Central staff and watch that staff grow. The story follows a prize-winning student heading off to Harvard where she intends to study journalism and launch a career as a music critic. Elizabeth's fractured family situation includes an errant father and a neurotic hypercritical mother. This unfortunate home life has led to struggle with depression. After her drug-fueled writing binges and emotional instability alienate her roommate Michelle Williams as well as her boyfriends, Lizzie seeks psychiatric counseling from Dr. Diana Sterling, who prescribes the wonder drug Prozac. Despite success as a writer that includes a Rolling Stone gig, Liz feels that the pills are running her life and forcing her to face some tough choices about her future. Hopefully it's a future full of showing off her delectable flesh!