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Powder Blue

Powder Blue (2009)

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In August of 2007, the internet was set on fire when news that Jessica Biel, the then girlfriend of Justin Timberlake best known for her role as a goody-goody preacher’s daughter on the squeaky-clean drama 7th Heaven, was going to play a stripper who actually got naked in her next film. Powder Blue (2009) finally hit DVD shelves in 2009, and Jessica's jugs and caboose were no longer only a thing of legend. The film chronicles the intersection of an unlikely group of people one Christmas Eve in Los Angeles. Biel, at the center of the tale, is Rose-Johnny, a stripper with a terminally ill son. In what would end up his final film role, Patrick Swayze played Velvet Larry, the sleazy owner of the club where she dances, while Eddie Redmayne was Qwerty Doolittle, a mortician who falls in love with her when they bond over a missing dog. Rounding out the cast are Kris Kristofferson, who plays a mob boss, Ray Liotta as Biel’s father who used to work for Kristofferson, producer Forrest Whitaker as a former priest too religious to commit suicide, and Alejandro Romero as a trans hooker Whitaker wants to kill him so he doesn't have to do the deed himself. All these seemingly unrelated plots will cross eventually, with a few Christmas miracles happening along the way. Speaking of miraculous, we finally get to see the stupidly stupendous Jessica Biel's boobs and butt as she makes out with a naked guy, and pours candle wax on her topless tits. No Powder Blue balls here! Add to that, more ass after she strips for Eddie, and you'll thank Heaven for those looks at her body. Wish we could cop a feel. Biel's the real deal! We also get to see Danvy Pham's ass in a thong, spread out as she drops low to give Swayze a beej before she pops up and shows her poppers. Then we get to see Liotta enjoying Diana Prince's topless striper routine. If he wasn't into dong, those tits would have Elton John writing a song about Prince Diana! A forgotten flick past debuting Jessica Biel's bod, certain parts of Powder Blue will make you goo!