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It was only a matter of time before the fine folks over at MTV programming devised their very own sex-heavy soap opera-style series. From 1999 to 2002 they did just that via over 200 episodes of a late night anthology show called Undressed. Despite the lascivious title, Undressed is not much more than your typical after-school-special, sort of “topical” show, with an incredibly disappointing lack of nudity. Taking place in the LA area and following a giant cast of teens and twenty-somethings, the very photogenic (and often scantily clad) cast parades through their checklist of issues, such as sex, drug abuse, sex, peer pressure, sex, eating disorders, and sometimes, more sex. Periodically racy but mainly tedious, Undressed is not a great program – though it’s easily as entertaining as the nighttime soaps generally found on network television. While it had a disappointing lack of tit, the show deserves credit for addressing the hot button issues of the time with its hotties! What is great about the show is the surprisingly stellar cast. Among the soon to be big names that appeared on this one are Pedro Pascal who played way out of type as a super sassy gay man, Christina Hendricks, Chad Michael Murray, Adam Brody, Brandon Routh, and Jennifer Tisdale. Occasionally we got some young sex sirens in lingerie lying around with each other and talking about what gets their kitties purring, which is always welcome. But while actual undressing was rare, our favorite pair belonged to Elisabeth Lund, who takes her shirt off and shows her bouncy boobs in a pink bra. Elisabeth might not have hit it big like the other actors and actresses, but she had us big when she was in her underwear, with her cans spilling out. That made us fans! If only she'd gotten a bit more Undressed, and that would have been a starmaking performance!     


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