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Euphoria Nude Scenes

Stop your searching, because you have stumbled across the best place on the entire Internet to see Euphoria nude scenes. Congrats. You did that. Larry Clark would be proud of the HBO series Euphoria, as the show carries on his quest for putting nubile teens in many sexy situations. Debuting in the wake of Game of Thrones ending in the summer of 2019, Euphoria follows the lives of several teens as they navigate the world of sex, drugs, and their own identity, with HBO's signature love of that first bullet point ruling the day. 

Euphoria took the teens gone wild genre of small screen storytelling to the extreme, and Hollywood hasn’t been the same since. In fact, since its relatively recent debut, we’ve already gotten a number of copycats like Genera+ion and the Gossip Girl reboot. But nothing can compare to the gratuitous nudity and shocking storylines featured in Euphoria. 

What Is Euphoria About?

Euphoria centers around a high school drug addict named Rue (Zendaya) whose well-intended attempts to sober up are thwarted by the intense pressures she faces as a Gen Z-er. Rue and her friends (and frenemies, and enemies) include the various people in her orbit like sisters Cassie (Sydney Sweeney) and Lexi (Maude Apatow (Judd Apatow and Leslie Mann's daughter!), Maddy (Alexa Demie), and Kat (Barbie Ferreira). They all face uphill battles on the road to adulthood and many of them get very, very, very naked in the process. Sydney Sweeney's character Cassie Howard gets in terrible relationships with men, especially the high school bully Nate (Jacob Elordi), and her bitterness and self-hatred turn her into one of the show's main villains. Beautiful trans actress Hunter Schafer also gets into dubious relationships with men, but does enjoy a loving but ill-fated tryst with Rue. And those are just a couple of the crazy kids in this series. Euphoria got off to Skinsational start when the debut episode featured two nude debuts, the first of which finds Alexa Demie going topless fifteen minutes in to ask Barbie Ferreira if her areolas look weird! 

Is Rue (Zendaya) Nude In Euphoria?

Former Disney Channel actor Zendaya stars as Rue, a girl just returning home after a stint in rehab, who quickly falls back into her old patterns around the time that she meets Jules (Schafer). So are viewers treated to Zendaya nude? Sadly the answer is no. As one of the series' executive producers, Zendaya has a say in what goes on around these parts, and she's saying no to nudity for now. But that doesn't mean that we're completely without sexy Zendaya content. We know from her underwear scene in Malcolm & Marie that she has amazing nipples, and she teases them by letting her rock-hard pokies poke through her white tank top on Euphoria. Plus as we mentioned, she gets into a lesbian relationship with Jules, and the two share some tender kissing, hugging, teasing, and squeezing. 

Sydney Sweeney Nude In Euphoria

A lot of people are here simply to see Sydney Sweeney nude, and we don't blame them. Sydney Sweeney is a huge-boobed blonde who is quickly becoming the defining sex symbol of her generation. The scene-stealing nude debut of Sydney Sweeney was the talk of the town, with the seriously stacked beauty baring her big breasts multiple times in the show's very first episode! 

The first time goes down twenty-six minutes in, when we're treated to an absolutely mind and wad-blowing montage of Sydney Sweeney nude pictures. Check her out in various states of undress as she poses for some sexy and intimate selfies. We get even more of Sweeney a mere two minutes later when she shows off her massive naturals for a sex scene! The dude tries to choke her and she stops him to tell him that she's not into it. Sweeney has more sex scenes in season one and she even watches private videos of herself that leak to her classmates. Why are kids such assholes?

We had to wait way too long for season two of Euphoria thanks to production delays caused by the pandemic, but we were rewarded for our patience with a close-up shot of Sweeney nude in the season two opener. She bares her boobs during a frenzied bathroom makeout with Nate at a party. The second episode brought us even more sweet Sydney in a montage of the two doing the deed, with lots of attention paid to her naked knockers and an amazing overhead shot of her ass as she's sprawled out on a bearskin rug. 

More Euphoria Nudes

In addition to seeing Zendaya's lesbian scenes and Sydney Sweeney's nude scenes, Euphoria has us insatiable nudity connoisseurs covered with multiple nude shots of model Hunter Schafer's incredible bod. In January 2021 we got a couple of bonus Euphoria episodes outside of the show's two regular seasons. It's here that Jules - Schafer - goes nude for a wild dream sex sequence with a real-life porn star. Someone likes it rough! 

Speaking of real-life porn stars, the very popular porn actress Chloe Cherry broke into the mainstream with her unforgettable role as Faye on Euphoria. Rue enters an intense scene in a drug dealer's kitchen, where Chloe stands fully naked with just her hands covering her bush. Except she actually lets some of her bush peek through! During a carefree flashback sequence, Rebecca Louise and Anouk Samuel play a game of chicken in the pool naked with some boys. Believe it or not, these aren't even all of the nude Euphoria scenes. Make sure to check out our pics and vids for every single nude appearance in the series!

In Conclusion

Euphoria proves that kids these days - well they go both ways. Seriously, with the proliferation of social media over the past decade, Gen Zers face challenges the previous generations can't imagine. Plus TV needs to keep finding new buttons to press and new barriers to break. Euphoria is the perfect storm of Gen Z angst and HBO's go-for-broke attitude towards sex and nudity, and the result is one of the most significant television series ever produced. We've yet to see Euphoria's lasting effect on our culture, but we can already see its lasting effect on your underwear!