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The Warrior and the Sorceress

The Warrior and the Sorceress (1984)

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Back when Roger Corman was pumping out blood and boob filled B movies in Argentina, he decided he'd go ahead and remake Akira Kurosawa's legendary Samurai flick Yojimbo (1961), but change up enough stuff to keep from getting sued. What he came up with was the sword and sandal film, The Warrior and the Sorceress (1984). The second film Corman produced in Argentina after the much more well known Deathstalker (1983), this one stars David Carradine as the warrior Kain (minus the Kwai Chang) and Maria Socas as the the sorceress Naja. In a world with two suns, Kain rides into a town where two rival gangs are fighting for control of a well. Zeg the Tyrant (Luke Askew) runs one gang, Bal Caz (Guillermo Marin) runs the other, and Kain doesn't care which one wins since the last surviving member of the Holy Warriors known as Homeracs loudly announces he'll fight for whichever side gives him more money. But that attitude changes when Kain meets Naja, who Zeg has trapped in his castle so she'll make him a magical sword. Suddenly, Kain decides he'll play both sides against each other so that he can save the girl, whether he saves the day or not. We're lovers not fighters here at Skin Central, and are much more interested in the several anonymous naked slave girls showing their off the chain bodies! Lillian Cameron's full-frontal exposure as the slave who doesn't shave is tremendous, whether she's getting her robe opened to flash the funbags or displaying boob and bush as the baddies drown her. If you're looking for someone a bit more stacked, get ready to watch Cecilia North do a topless striptease, which shows she's got a double set of doubles! Yes, Cecilia's got tits on top of tits, and watching her bounce all four jugs will give you fits! Nothing like milking your pecker to a double decker! But even with that wild nudity, as  the film's lead hottie, Maria isn't about to be upstaged in the undressed department. She constantly shows boobies in this alluring B-movie that is thoroughly bewitching. Whether she's being held back as a captive with her cans out, trying to escape while topless or going for a mad dash with her mams out, Miss Socas is so hot! Yojimbo can't compete with a big tittied bimbo! This one should be called The Warrior and the sore wrist!