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The First Nudie Musical

The First Nudie Musical (1976)

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The plot of the hilariously horny but super cheesy flick The First Nudie Musical (1976) is surprisingly sanguine. Harry Schechter (Stephen Nathan) is the son of a movie mogul, but his family's legacy is on the line because their movie studio is failing. Desperate to figure things out, Harry decides to think outside of the box and appeal to filmgoer's cocks. With the help of his secretary Rosie, played by Shirley from Laverne and Shirley, (Cindy Williams) they come up with a crazy idea. What do men like? Pornos! What do women like? Musicals! So, he decides he'll help craft a musical porno, and it'll be a huge success. That set-up leads to punch lines such as the musical numbers "Lesbian Butch Dyke", "Orgasm", "Perversion", and even "Dancing Dildos". Even better, there's no end to the naked parade of actresses. In her nude debut, Alexandra Morgan first flashes during the "Dancing Dildos" scene, alongside some boogeying beaver pleasers. But then, she gets impatient with the director trying to direct her in a sex scene, so she grabs her partner, lies down on the bed and lets him go to work. Her boobs bounce with every thrust, which makes the scene an absolute must! Jane Ralson flashes all three B's during her no pants song and dance, using a cane as a prop while she sings about how horny she is. Us too! But the best character is Joy Full, played by Susan Stewart. The busty blonde strips down to full frontal nudity while she auditions for the show, even getting on the ground and acting out an orgasm. That sound will always be music to Mr. Skin's ears! Even if the spewsical didn't catch on, there's nothing like a nudity filled musical number. We'll happily sing the praises of The First Nudie Musical