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Land (2021)

Brief Nudity

Top Scene


Land (2021) brings us the directorial debut of legendary actress and all-around hottie Robin Wright. Robin plays Edee, a woman who is grieving a serious loss. She finds it really hard to be around other people while she is going through this because she feels like everyone around her just wants her to be okay, but she is not feeling okay. With this feeling, she decides to be as far away from people as she possibly can. She sets out to live in a cabin in the woods all by herself. She specifically goes off to the wilderness in the Rockie Mountains to rough it on her own, but it is far more difficult than she expected when a harsh winter brings her to the brink of death. Luckily for her, a local farmer finds her and teaches her everything that she needs to know to survive in the wilderness and then he will leave her alone. They bond over the losses that they have both endured and connect over a want to survive in the mountains. It is a beautiful journey and Robin is wonderful in the film, but she is also extremely beautiful in several scenes that show off her tight body in tank tops and nothing else at all. She gets undressed by her friend, showing us a lot of side boob. In another scene, she takes an outdoor bath in a metal tub as she enjoys the sunset and we enjoy her breasts. That's a beautiful view...mountains, mounds and all!