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Outside (2022)

Brief Nudity

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Outside (2022) is a film from writer, director, and star Farahd Abdullah Wallizada and set in Seattle where two of the loneliest people on the planet somehow find one another. Wallizada stars as Ramzi, an artist struggling with a severe case of agoraphobia that has left him cooped up inside his apartment for the last five years. Megan Tully co-stars as Ana, an introverted college student who moonlights as an escort to pay her way through school. These two characters are both experiencing extreme forms of isolation, with Ramzi's being quite literal, while Ana's is more of an emotional state of isolation in which she never opens herself up to anyone. After their paths cross for the first time, neither can stop thinking of the other and it isn't long before Ana finds herself making more and more frequent visits to see Ramzi. As their relationship begins to grow, they both realize that there are deep dark secrets in their past that they're going to have to expose to one another, lest they run the risk of pushing the other away. Can these two lonely souls move forward, away from their pasts, or are they perpetually doomed to repeat their past mistakes without ever learning from them? Despite the film's chilly exterior, there's some great nudity to be found in this love story, with the marvelously sexy Megan Tully baring terrific T'n'A in a number of scenes, while tantalizing temptress Tristan Cunningham stops by to bare her breasts after having sex with Wallizada! With content this good, you may never want to go Outside again!