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All the Bright Places

All the Bright Places (2020)

Brief Nudity


Based on the bestselling YA novel that had young ladies feeling a special tingle in all the right places, All The Bright Places (2020) stars Elle Fanning as Violet Markey, a quiet girl from small town Indiana who is mourning the death of her sister. While thinking about jumping off the bridge where her late sis died in a car crash, she's talked down by the local loner Theo Finch (Justice Smith). When they end up paired together for a school project, he manages to help her stop being scared of cars, helps her to be able to talk about the accident, and eventually they fall in love. But Theo has a dark side, and after beating up Violet's ex in a particularly violent way, he has to go to counseling to try and figure out what's wrong with him. Mr. Finch is a troubled young man, and try as she might, Violet can't fix him. What a shame that he couldn't figure out how to deal with his demons, since he had one hot high school sweetheart! Elle is grown and sexy as a beautiful blonde babe who is a little quiet and reserved, but not too reserved to take off her clothes and show off her bikini body. She wears both a striped one-piece bathing suit and a midriff-baring bikini. We like both options, but the best outfit is when she slips a nip letting her crazy boyfriend drain his nuts inside of her. It's a super quick slip, but it's hot enough to have you fanning yourself off! Whoever the bright mind to put all those shots of Elle in very little clothes was, they sure made us happy to watch All the Bright Places