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All My Friends Hate Me

All My Friends Hate Me (2022)

Brief Nudity

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All My Friends Hate Me (2021) is a hilarious dark comedy from England that will make you laugh and make you wince all at once. One young man is about to have a reunion with his old college chums for one of the guys' birthdays. They are all meeting at a country estate having not seen each other in ages. Things immediately feel off to our leading man. His friends are all being mean to him - like very mean. Their jokes become increasingly cruel and they start playing mind games with him. He starts to suspect that they might even want to kill him. His paranoia increases, as do his friends' strange behaviors, until he can't take it anymore. While he is doing all of that, Antonia Clarke is sleeping. Literally! She plays Claire and she sleeps in bed topless. He spies on her sleeping through a crack in the door, so she doesn't notice when she turns around and shows the camera her breasts. All of his friends hate him, but they probably love Antonia's tits.