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Dreamland (2020)

Great Nudity!

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Dreamland (2019) is a rural adventure that takes place in 20th century America during the Dust Bowl and The Great Depression. A rural family in a small Texas town has their lives turned upside down when a criminal crosses their paths. Margot Robbie plays Allison Wells, a thief and murderess who is wanted by the police. She plays a lovely Bonnie Parker-esque character who is on the run. One desperate young man, played by Finn Cole, helps her - obviously, he does because she is too beautiful to reject - and hides her out at his family's barn. The pair get close together and he is conflicted about what he should do: go with her or protect his family and turn her in? Since this is The Great Depression, there are not that many options for a strapping young man like him, and this lovely thief has taken a liking to him. Will he make more of a living going with her on the run? You will have to watch to find out. Honestly, watching this movie is made super easy by the always gorgeous Margot who takes off her clothes in a steamy shower. She lifts her arms to kiss Finn and makes room for us to see her pair in an unobscured view. She shows her breasts when she showers with this guy, baring the best breasts in the west! She also looks like a dream in her little old-fashioned bikini that sticks closely to her fine figure. Dreamland? More like Creamland!