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Baberellas (2003)

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Who’s going to save the world from the evil alien Coochinota (Julie Strain) and her plan to destroy Earth in a bid for higher ratings for her extraterrestrial TV show? Well, the all-female rock band The Baberellas are pretty good candidates! Yup, in Baberellas (2003) Coochinota thinks she can destroy every earthling's libido, and harness all that raw sexual motivation to create a weapon that can destroy the planet. Why does she wanna destroy the earth? Since it'll make a good episode of her alien TV show, of course! But don't worry, the all female rock and roll band The Baberellas are going to foil her scheme with fornication! Yup, they're going to get earthlings so earth bendingly horny that their libidos are too strong to be taken away. They'll use mating to destroy Coochie's ratings! And once they start taking off their clothes? Sorry Coochinota, there's not a chance you can stop hetero homosapiens from getting super horny when these babes are bouncing their bigums! Totally unrelated to the legendary sci-fi skin flick Barbarella (1968), this piece of schlock is sure to harden your cock thanks to all the top notch female nudity! Athena Demos flashes all three silver painted B's as "Sucky Sally" who does a naked dance while demoing some kind of futuristic sex machine. That body sure doesn't suck! Shauna O'Brien has some kind of future orgasm thanks to a woman blasting her boobs with some kind of futuristic aura, while Deborah Dutch showed the Double D's dancing for the camera. Linda Vox shows a dude her long nipples, Julie Smith goes topless in the back of a tour bus, Sasha Peralto shows her pair to a dude dressed like Elvis, and Regina Russell even tries to deal with a cop by letting him take off her top! But the surest sign this sex comedy doesn't care about its plot is that Julie Strain's supposed to be the prude, and even she goes nude! Yes, Julie flashes T&A while grinding her body against some other naked woman. The truth is out there, and the truth is, that alien has an amazing pair! Those Baberellas sure know how to tease the fellas!