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Rated X (2000)

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Sometimes, as in the case of real life blue-screen provocateur/entrepreneurs Jim and Artie Mitchell, brothers would be better off not collaborating with one another. The Mitchells' decades-long partnership in mass-market flesh-mongering eventually led to drug addiction, estrangement, and fratricide, as chronicled in the Showtime original movie Rated X (2000). Real life brothers play the pair, with Charlie Sheen portraying the party loving brother Artie and Emilio Estevez playing the much more serious filmmaker, Jim. Emilio directed this one that takes place in the 1970's, when porn wasn't the corporate cash cow it is today. Both film school dropouts, the Mitchell's decide they can make their own cheap pornos and rake in the cash, then figure out that if they own their own theater they won't have to share profits with anyone. But while their San Francisco porn theater's a big hit, to say nothing of their iconic porno flick Behind the Green Door (1972), eventually all the drugs, crime, and attempts to shut them down cause all sorts of chaos. Ultimately, their time together filming people banging ends with a bang, and one of the bros in jail. In a movie about making porno movies, there's bound to be some nudity even if it's not quite X rated stuff. Tracy Huston plays porn legend Marilyn Chambers, who we see getting her bare chest done up by a makeup staff before she opens her legs and lets a man unchamber his gun into her for the dirty flick that would make her famous. Sadie Leblanc flashes her tits and ass as she plays a hippy starring in a porno flick set, who we watch getting railed on a spinning bed. Joanne Boland does some topless dancing at a protest, but nobody's protesting her public nudity! We even get to see Carolyn Goff take her bra off as she films a skinny dipping scene. There's nothing overrated about those Rated X scenes of sex!