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Pretty Smart

Pretty Smart (1987)

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Two kin of Hollywood royalty combined to make something special out of the boarding school comedy Pretty Smart (1987). Eddie Fisher's daughter who isn't Princess Leia, Leigh Fisher joins legendary Arquette family member Patricia Arquette to play dueling students at a Greek boarding school. Ogilvy Academy is a tony finishing school for pretty, snitty young tartlets. Daphne aka Zig (Leigh Fisher) won't stop causing all sorts of trouble at home, so both she and her good girl sister Jennifer (Lisa Lorient) get sent there. But once our dynamic duo is in school, they split between social cliques, with Jennifer joining the pretty people and Zig living amongst the stoners and slackers, including the mysterious Zero (Patricia Arquette). But just when it seems that we're about to watch a sister vs sister prank battle, Zig finds out that the creepy headmaster Crawley (Dennis Cole) is videotaping all the first-rate striplings on his posh campus in sunny Greece, and peddling his wares to less-blessed perverts everywhere. In order to keep his dirty doings under wraps, he has to ratchet up the cattiness, sic the dogs of clique war, and make sure the art of the petty is always part of the curriculum. What better way to keep the girls unaware that you're ogling their V’s than to distract them with vicious rivalries? It's the golden-girl Preens versus the underdog Subs, battling it out to give the rest of us chubs! But if our two groups ever stop fighting each other, they may well figure out what's going on. And if they do, Crawley's in a whole lot of trouble with these fierce females on his trail. You know who was pretty smart? Whoever realized that this one would be way more watchable, and have way more lasting power, if they filled the flick with incredible shots of our private school girls' private parts! Lisa Lorient might have used a body double for her funbag flashing, but Kim Waltrip showed the real thing while sunbathing topless on the roof. We'd like to take a trip to pound town with her! But the bustiest bitch on the block is Julie K. Smith, whose colossal cans came out a bunch of different times. She shows all three B's while dancing naked in her dorm and while doing a dude on videotape. Who cares if she's smart if she's pretty with big titties like the girls in Pretty Smart?