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Lethal Weapon (1987)

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It takes a potent motion-picture experience to launch a major-studio movie franchise and about a bajillion imitators. There was little doubt among blown-away viewers of the buddy-cop flick of all buddy-cop flicks, Lethal Weapon (1987), that this explosive piece of dynamite entertainment would revisit the multiplexes in a slightly different guise, every few film seasons. Three sequels, a video game and a Fox TV show later, it looks like they were right. In the Shane Black helmed film, Mel Gibson is Martin Riggs, a suicidal, Vietnam vet Green Beret turned LA cop who's fantastic in shootouts and car chases since he doesn't care if he lives or dies. Riggs gets partnered with the fifty year old, "too old for this shit" Veteran of the force just looking to ride out his career in relative peace until he gets his gold watch and pension, Roger Murtaugh (Danny Glover). While the two don't get along at first, largely because Riggs is bonkers and Murtaugh thinks he should be locked up, not locking up criminals, after a bunch of age jokes and a ton of near death experiences they grow to appreciate each other while chasing down the bad guys, including one who kidnaps Murtaugh's daughter. But since the most lethal weapon is the gun you point at your own head, the real question is whether Riggs finds something to live for while spending all that time with his new buddy. Buddy cop flicks are better when there are some boobies to cop a feel to, and this one delivers, if only once. Jackie Swanson's jugs make an appearance as she swan dives, shirt open, from the balcony of an LA high rise to the ground. Let em breathe, but don't let yourself do something crazy like that! That rack is something to live for! In Lethal Weapon, Miss Swanson will have you shooting a load!