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Salvador (1986)

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In the Oliver Stone political drama Salvador (1986), James Woods stars as Richard Boyle, a foreign correspondent who has hit rock bottom. The veteran photojournalist is a broke, unemployed alcoholic ingesting illegal drugs, pathetically living off his past glories. When all hell breaks loose in El Savador, Richard convinces his best bud Doctor Rock (Jim Belushi), an out of work disc jockey, to head to Central America to possibly chase down a good story. The drunken duo is quickly taken aback by what they see in the war torn country, shaken them out of their glory day daze and calling them to take up action to help those afflicted by the war. Boyle meets up with his girlfriend Maria (Elpidia Carrillo), an old friend John (John Savage), who’s a big time reporter, and a nun (Cynthia Gibb) to get closer to the action and start snapping some photos. When things get heavy, Boyle wisely decides to get out of the country, but his love for Maria may make him stay, and the photog’s delay could make him pay with his life. War is hell, but the naked female form is lovely. Elpidia and Juliana Urquisa brighten the battlefield by baring their boobs in sweaty scenes of sexual surrender. These two babes will have your hand heading south to purge the urge in your loins!