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Policewomen (1974)

Great Nudity!

Top Scene


The secret to a great cops-and-robbers flick is to make at least two of the cops super-hot 1970s chicks, one black, one white, who bust off karate kicks, shoot from the hip, and can suck in the gut and stick out the chest better than any male with a badge. And then, just to be sure this theoretical cop flick achieves greatness, do like Policewomen (1974) does and cast the African American lady law officer as an undercover operative who is required to intermittently shed her shirt in order to preserve her disguise. It further helps if her resumé, like that of Jeannie Bell, includes several of the most soulfully scintillating pages ever printed in Playboy magazine. The Policewomen must overcome conflict from crooks and fellow cops of the ego-threatened male variety. They take their gratification in a dirty job done well, and so does the audience.