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Love You More

Love You More (2008)

Brief Nudity

Top Scene


Hey budding teenage punk rockers-- if you're at the record store and you and a girl both want to buy the last copy of a Buzzcocks 7", let her have it. Yeah, we know, chivalry is for losers, but according to the short film Love You More (2008), if you do that the cute girl with the spiky haircut (played here by Andrea Riseborough) will invite you back to her place, spit beer in your face, and proceed to take your virginity in spectacularly naked, orally fixated fashion. And that's no Sham 69. You can also see Bridget Everett looking hot as hell in multiple sexy scenes in season 1 episode 1. The first of which is at the 4 minute mark, where Bridget's butt is visible as she lays on top of a lucky naked dude for a good 86 seconds of heaven. Five minutes later, Bridget's left breast pops out of her top as she tries to take a Wii remote away from a special needs kid. Not long after that she sings a song about titties and at the end she unhooks her bra revealing her absolutely astounding rack. You also get a great look at her backside as she gets banged from behind from a guy who has obviously hit the booty jackpot. After all of this boob and booty action there's little reason to question the shows TV-MA rating. The only thing that Mr. Skin would change is more full-frontal action. That would make him love this more for sure!