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Confetti (2006)

Great Nudity!

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Ever since Richard Curtis penned the critical darling and box office hit Four Weddings and a Funeral (1994), British filmmakers have been trying to create another bridal rom-com equal to its merits. Enter Confetti (2006) by England’s Debbie Isitt. The mockumentary-styled romp centers around a bridal magazine’s competition to discover the most original wedding. As an array of quirky characters compete to win a luxury home, we are treated to the comic antics of the publication’s uptight chief editor (Felicity Montagu); an attention-seeking rich girl (Sarah Hadland) and her dominating mum (Alison Steadman); a musically-challenged bride (Jessica Stevenson); a hyper-competitive tennis player (Meredith MacNeill); and a professional duo of wedding planners (Vincent Franklin and Jason Watkins) who are a playful duo in their off time. As the competing couples all try to outdo one another with wacky wedding plans that stand out, none are as capable as the nudist pair — Joanna and Michael (Olivia Colman and Robert Webb) — that spends the entire movie with their pairs out in the open. The two performers actually contemplated suing the filmmaker since they were told their private bits would be pixelated. We’re sorry they were misled, but pleased we get to see Ms. Colman strutting her stuff in the buff! Indeed, lovely Livvy lets us look at her bare breasts, bush and bum — over and over again! Since her turn leaves nothing to the imagination, it’s a turn on. In fact, you’ll be popping off your confetti in celebration of her exhibitionism!