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Gia (1998)

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When a woman is as gorgeous, sexually charged, and self-consumed as supermodel Gia Carangi was, it’s hard to imagine her rolling out of bed and looking into a dressing-room mirror without stopping to slip a hand into her swampy delta and strumming the bean while feasting her eyes on her immaculate self. Honestly, what could compel such a perfect creature to do anything other than loll stoned all day in bed with tweaking fingers trading off duty on nipples and love nub? The answer, according to the singularly sexy biopic Gia (1998), is that only another chick of equal, complementary appeal can capture the attention and motivate the affection of such a splendid narcissist. Take a long, hard look. Can you see any way you could possibly have behaved differently if you were her? The best skin-ful scene in the flick occurs at the 25-minute mark, where Angelina Jolie and Elizabeth Mitchell stay up late for a sexy butt and boob-baring photo shoot. It's truly what wet dreams are made of. Let's just hope she didn't end up with chain-link-shaped bruises on her perfect bod. Elizabeth sheds her pesky threads and inhibitions for some lesbianic photographic fun with Jolie as well. It's truly hot stuff! At the hour mark we get more of Mitchell's ass and chest globes while she showers with an injured Jolie. Flesh fiends can rest assured that they can open up this movie at basically any point in its runtime and find something worth breaking out the lube and wanking over!