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Henry & June

Henry & June (1990)

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Author Henry Miller is a revered literary god among the pantheon of American iconoclast writers, but there is ample proof to indicate that he thought of himself primarily as a libido on the loose. Miller spent, and profligately so, much of his adult life among the hookers and other easy-virtue ladies of Paris, France, which is where the action of Henry & June (1990), a biographical bacchanal based on Miller and his wife June, picks up and leaves off. Casual sex with a steady stream of willing, able prostitutes, recreational lesbianism, and pimping out one’s wife to a predatory, though foxy, femme may not be the culturally revolutionary activities that they were in the day of Henry Miller’s prime, but they still make for prime movie entertainment. One of the sexiest ladies in this flick is the effortlessly fine Maria de Medeiros. She embraces her girl-loving side in a number of scenes, most notably one where she sits bare-breasted in bed with smokin' blonde Brigitte Lahaie before they get to the fornicating! Later, Maria and a young Uma Thurman go at it in the sack with sapphically spectacular results. Maria's meat globes are in view, and boy will they get a rise out of your pants! Then there's Brigitte Lahaie lezzing it up in a hotel room with Maite Maille as Maria takes it all in. You can see both boobs and butt from these two tantalizing performers. Henry & June is one of those movies that will both inform and make you want to take your pants off!