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Eyes Wide Shut

Eyes Wide Shut (1999)

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Iconic filmmaker Stanley Kubrick had one last money-shot in him, and he decided to make it a hot one. Eyes Wide Shut (1999) is the ribald yarn about a rich Manhattan couple who start to play outside of their comfort zone. Dr. William Harford, played by the petite Tom Cruise, goes on a quest to help fulfill his wife Alice's fantasies. Alice is played by none other than the willowy Nicole Kidman, who was married to Tommy boy at the time of the film. Somehow, the duo manage to manufacture extra-marital suspicion into a large, faceless conspiracy. When the movie was released, it was a trifecta of talent, and rumors swirled about the plot line and potential for nudity from two huge stars. Not one to disappoint, Hollywood gave us full-frontal bareness right at the beginning of the film, courtesy of actress Julienne Davis, albeit she's passed out in a chair. But then! Minutes later, Nicole gets into the act, exposing her flawless body, including her bare breasts, a shapely behind, and miles of creamy skin. You also see the tall drink of delicious banging in black (blue?) and white. There are other naked ladies in the film, too, including a topless Abigail Good in a cheek-exposing G-string. (There is no naked Tom, but did you really want to see that anyway?). The story goes that Kubrick screened the final cut of the film to the studio and the film's stars less than a week before he died of a heart attack in his sleep. Quite the legacy.