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Lost Girls and Love Hotels

Lost Girls and Love Hotels (2020)

Great Nudity!


Lost Girls and Love Hotels (2020) is an intense thriller starring the one and only bright-eyed Alexandra Daddario. She plays Margaret, a young woman who lives in Tokyo as an English teacher at a Japanese flight attendant academy. She wants to do something different with her monotonous life, so one night she and the beautiful Carice Van Houten (remember her from Game of Thrones?), a fellow ex-pat, hang out at a hole-in-the-wall bar. That's when Margaret meets a handsome man who happens to be a member of the Yakuza named Kazu played by Takehiro Hira. She falls in love with his despite the obviously dangerous life he lives which isn't a secret to her. She is inspired by him to get a little more dangerous in her own life even if this ends up ruining her life or driving her crazy as their relationship develops. This salacious movie is based on the novel by Catherine Hanrahan of the same name. Thankfully we don't have to read anything here. Instead, we see Alexandra live on camera which is great news because she does end up stripping for a lucky Japanese man. We only see her from behind, but that guy gets the frontal view. In another scene, she gets out of the bed naked and we get to admire that same ample ass of hers. It's quick, but it's exquisite. Alexandra and Carice may be lost girls, but we're glad to have found their beautiful bodies.