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Debbie Does Dallas

Debbie Does Dallas (1978)

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Yeeeeeeeeeee-haw! There are only like two pornos everyone in America knows by name; Deep Throat (1972), which had the advantage of getting namedropped in the biggest political scandal in American history, and the famed horny cheerleader flick Debbie Does Dallas (1978). Bambi Woods stars as Debbie, a high-school cheerleading captain whose dreams of trying out for the Dallas based but totally not the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders, "Texas Cowgirls," are in jeopardy when her disapproving parents refuse to pay for her bus fare to Texas. Big mistake mom and dad. Her cheerleading pals eagerly offer to help raise the money, but find that their new retail jobs at the record store and sporting good store, really aren't cutting it. But when Debbie discovers hard men are a great source of hard cash, the whole squad gets in on the sacktion. Before gofundme, there was comefuckus! Bambi Woods, Arcadia Lake, Merle Michaels, Georgette Sanders, Misty Winter, and Kasey Rodgers show off their fabulously furry, fully nude assets discussing Debbie’s predicament in the locker room. After Bambi’s brilliant idea (in which she gets Wood in a full-on hardcore scene) provides prurient skinspiration, Merle goes gyno getting spanked, and Rikki O'Neal and Jenny Cole get down with a dude in a FFM threesome, as do Misty and Robin Byrd. Kasey mixes things up screwing two guys at once, but these pom-pom girls all display full nudity and full penetration. It'll give you a hard-on the size of Texas! Did Debbie make the team? Interestingly, the movie ends when she gets enough money to try out. You have to put on the sequel to see if her dreams came true. If you like to see gorgeous women doing dirty things, you'll love Debbie Does Dallas!