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Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland (1976)

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The onslaught of "gonzo" slob porn that has saturated the erotic entertainment market for the better part of a decade might lead devotees of the genre to despair of ever seeing sexually active shows that incorporate wit, costuming, plot twists, fantasy, frolic, and singing and dancing, all presented with production values that would be the envy of any major university’s drama department. Take your neck out of that rope, my quality-craving brethren, and look back in languor to Alice in Wonderland (1976). Created during a time of great sexual and artistic experimentation, director Bud Townsend’s nude (to the tune of XXX) musical adaptation of the revered Lewis Carroll children’s classic is a piece of time-capsule magic, a special moment in the history of hardcore humanities that is even more astonishing and refreshing today than it was more than a quarter century ago. If you need even more reason to see this deluge of masturbation fuel on film, you can take solace in the knowledge that the likes of Nancy Dare, Kristine DeBell, Juliet Graham, Terri Hall, and Sue Tsengoles are all in some manner of undress throughout the course of this classic flick.  After premiering in a longer version, three minutes were edited from the film, and it was rated R by the MPAA. It's a lesser version to be honest, and Mr. Skin is thrilled that Osco later re-edited Alice in Wonderland to incorporate the hardcore sex was originally not part of the production. Might as well be called Alice in Cumland!