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Behind the Green Door

Behind the Green Door (1972)

Hall of Fame Nudity!

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Along with Deep Throat (1972), Behind the Green Door (1972) was the most celebrated film of the Golden Age of porno. Directed by the Mitchell Brothers, who got their start when they founded the O'Farrell Theater in San Francisco where audiences could take in live sex shows, and starring former Ivory Soap girl Marilyn Briggs (now Marilyn Chambers), Behind the Green Door tells the story of a woman’s journey from virginity to depravity as she is ravished by a group of naked men and women in front of an audience. There are boobs, butts, bushes, and explicit sex galore, and Marilyn gets a load of man milk shot on her face at the end. We’ll take whatever’s behind the green door, Monty! You'll certainly not want to miss the 28-minute mark. The a horny orgy with several attendees that watch as Marilyn gets her gorgeous muff chewed out by a dude with a 'fro. We get to see both breasts and bush! About half an hour later, we get a great look at a afro style retro bush and puckered anus of Marilyn as she lets a lucky guy into her gorgeous hole. It's something truly worth beholding, and wanking over! With the real sex and deluge of skin-ful scenes in Behind the Green Door, there's no denying that it earns its title as a Hall of Fame Nudity! film. Turn on this one if you're feeling particularly horny. Even if you're not in the mood, it'll turn YOU on in no time!