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EuroTrip (2004)

Hall of Fame Nudity!

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The tarnished view of America and its offspring that is shared by many cynical onlookers in the league of foreign nations might be brightened if international observers were to focus upon the light-hearted hijinks of Eurotrip (2004). A kind of Animal House (1978)--but with much more female nudity spurring on its cast of flagrantly inebriated, proudly underachieving U.S. youths as they rollick across the continent of Europe, landing in one ludicrous and lascivious misunderstanding after another--Eurotrip is a party-hearty love letter to far-flung cultures. Never before have dipsomania and diplomacy been so tightly intertwined. 79 minutes into the flick, the effortlessly hot Jessica Boehrs bares her left breasticle and her butt while having sex in a confessional. Earlier in the movie, Jessica peels off her lingerie to give her boy-toy an eyeful of boobs. Another of the better skin-ful scenes features Tereza Brettschneiderova showing off some mighty squeezable oranges of her own in the sexiest OJ commercial ever! You'll certainly want to see the likes of Edita Deveroux, specially in the scene where she gives a massage with her exposed nips. You don't have to even watch an hour to get the good stuff. 10 minutes into the flick, Molly Schade shows off some boobage when she gets duped into rubbing her dubbies in a hot tub. If there's one thing that this movie is good for, it's showing off the delectable bodies of European babes. That's why this flick has earned its spot in the Hall of Fame of Nudity!