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Road Trip

Road Trip (2000)

Hall of Fame Nudity!

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Road Trip (2000) tells the story of a college guy who's been dating his sweetheart since before he could get a hard-on. He even sends her videotaped love letters, but when she doesn't respond he does what any man would do—snags the first hot piece of ass that comes his way. He also records the tryst and his roommate mistakenly sends the tape to his girlfriend. Gross-out comic Tom Green relates the convoluted tale that involves selling sperm for gas money and lots of tits! Amy Smart is just one of the topless cuties who populate this zipper-popping comedy. See if you can stay on the road while watching. You don't have to watch this flick for long to get to Amy's skin-ful scene. It's a mere 17 minutes into the flick before we get a shot of the luminous Ms. Smart baring her adorable boobs as she gets hot with a very excited and thankful Breckin Meyer. Can you blame him? You can also see Aerica D'Amero's boobs in a scene that showcases the equally undressed Tom Green. Then there's the effortlessly hot Jaclyn DeSantis. 30 minutes in, we get some boobage from this sexy specimen. Aliya Cambell's chest cannonballs can be gawked at a mere 36 minutes into this classic flick. Any flesh fiend can find something worth wanking to during this movie, which is why Road Trip has been bestowed with the prestigious 4-star Hall of Fame Nudity status on Mr. Skin. This film is certainly a trip, and it'll make you good and hard too!