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Blame It on Rio

Blame It on Rio (1984)

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If the racy romp Blame It on Rio (1984) was made today, it would be a drama about the trauma Nikki Hollis (Demi Moore) suffered when her co-ed bestie Jennifer Lyons (Michelle Johnson) had an affair with her dad (Michael Caine) while they all holidayed in Brazil together. If the lack of boundaries isn’t inappropriate enough, Nikki’s psychiatric flashback could include the scene when Jen says, “Your father is so sweet, I used to have a crush on him,” to which Nikki replies, “Me too.” Obviously, “Me too” meant something totally different decades ago. During the free-for-all ’80s, an exchange like this was fodder for a sex comedy! As such, audiences can experience adultery between a middle-aged man and his daughter’s friend in a guilt-free way. Just travel back to that time when it’s fine to view Nikki’s nude boobs as she flashes her lover unbeknownst to her father (Joseph Bologna). The flirtatious girl also reveals her rump after humping her friend’s dad! As BFFs, Ms. Moore and Ms. Johnson strut their stuff in itsy bitsy teeny weeny bikinis. The only difference is Michelle goes topless! Not to be outdone, Demi literally loses her top while splashing around in the ocean. Looks like the surf is up — and so is Mr. Skin! In another scene, a braless Michelle makes breakfast in her panties. Rise and shine! Breast of all, the uninhibited ingénue shows off her furry full frontal flesh when she takes a naked picture of herself in bed. Say cheese!