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Young Doctors in Love (1982)

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After the success of the machine-gun yuckery of Airplane! (1980) Hollywood went cuckoo for quirky comedy. Young Doctors in Love (1982) was director Garry Marshall’s try at the screwball antics by spoofing the daytime soap. Now, you're not going to get all the jokes if you didn't grow up watching stuff like General Hospital, but there's still plenty of jokes for the regular folks. You know, general audiences. In the film, eight interns are starting their rounds at City Hospital when mob boss Sal Bonafetti (Titos Vandis) is admitted. Suddenly, it's pure chaos as a professional hitman (a pre-Kramer Michael Richards) secretly gets admitted in the room next door, while Sal's son (Hector Elizondo) pretends to be a female nurse to protect dear old dad. Meanwhile, Dr. Prang (Dabney Coleman) is so scarred from a childhood pinata mishap that he's scared to do surgery, even when fellow doctor Simon August (Micheal McKean) needs him to save his girlfriend (Sean Young). Throw in a doc stealing meds for himself (Taylor Negron) and all sorts of other hijinks, and the gags are truly never ending. Laughter, after all, is the best medicine. Well, other than a hot woman in your bed ready to sin! While soaps can only be as dirty as daytime television will allow, this R rated spoof can make women's clothes go poof! Mr. Marshall cast his affair with suitable window dressing, such as Sean Young, but it was Kimberly McArthur, who deserves a McArthur grant for her glands. She's a candystriper, which movies would have you believe are the horniest women on the planet. Acting more like a stripper named Candy than the candystripers we know, Kimberly tries to cheer up a fella by stripping out of a Santa outfit and gifting him a look at her gargantuan gazoongas. It sure had us feeling better! And that's no placeboner! Peggy Trentini, whose twins are anything but teenie, also delivers the skin as a topless elf roaming around a Christmas party. Some of the humor might not hold up for the non-soap fandom, but your cocks will love young docs!