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Mr. Skin would like to offer Kimberly McArthur a complimentary back massage, not just for the love of her aching shoulders, which must be killing her from carrying around such heavy hooterage, but also as a ceremonial tribute to her skinsational career in the '80s. Like the multitudes of perky-peeked pinups before her, this former Playboy Playmate of January 1982 parlayed her jamambo juggedness into a sucsexful stint in film. Kimberly's kazoongas are a medical marvel in Young Doctors in Love (1982). Her pointedly perfect presence in a Santa Claus hat, behemoth breasts bouncing bare, nips popping in the icy breeze, will fill you with tingly tidings of great joy. Ho! Ho! Ho! Thanks for the Christmas mammaries, Kimmy. Rodney Dangerfield was an easy mark for the charms between Kim's arms in Easy Money (1983). Surprising Kim sunbathing in all her naked glory, randy Rodney got no respect at all. McArthur's double-D digits and bushy beaver, however, are highly regarded, adding up to some major cha-ching for the ding-a-ling. After years of airing out her massive mams in the '80s, Kim sadly disappeared from the public's watchful fly. Anyone who knows the whereabouts of this big busted beauty, please let her know that Mr. Skin will gladly help her take a load off.

Top Scenes

Young Doctors in Love (1982) Nude, breasts 00:58:00 Kim pulls off her Santa outfit to reveal her greatest gifts: two HUGE stocking stuffers! What a ho ho ho! (42 secs)
Malibu Express (1985) Nude, breasts 00:12:00 Kimberly and Barbara Edwards share some quality topless time in the shower. Kim's the blonde in the back... Double bubbles for your troubles! (43 secs)
Easy Money (1983) Nude, breasts 00:47:40 Rodney might not get any respect, but he does get a great view of Kimberly toasting her ginormous gourds in the sun. And when you get right down to it, boobs are way more entertaining than respect. (25 secs)
Slumber Party Massacre II (1987) Sexy, bikini 00:30:15 Kimberly McArthur is skintastic in this sexy scene! (54 secs)
Slumber Party Massacre II (1987) Sexy, bikini 00:37:37 Kimberly McArthur is skintastic in this sexy scene! (16 secs)


Young Doctors in Love (1982) - as Jyll Omato

Easy Money (1983) - as Ginger Jones

Malibu Express (1985) - as Faye

TV Shows

Santa Barbara - as Kelly Capwell

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