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Young Adam

Young Adam (2003)

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Bored and lonely 1950's women were easy pickens for the dickens of any mailman, door to door salesman, or bad boy drifter looking to spice up the lives of these housewives. In Young Adam (2003), it's 1954 and the dirty-minded drifter Joe Taylor (Ewan McGregor) takes a job on a barge traveling between Glasgow and Edinburgh, owned by unassuming couple Les and Ella (Peter Mullan and Tilda Swinton). When the trio discovers the corpse of a naked young woman named Cathie (Emily Mortimer) floating in the water, they learn that Joe just might know more about it than he’s letting on. On top of his dark history, their new employee becomes Hell bent on getting a piece of Ella’s ass for his own. Naturally, he succeeds and ruins her marriage, but soon enough he's got his eyes set on Ella's sister Gwen (Therese Bradley), too. But when the courts try to pin Cathie's death on some poor dude, Joe has the chance to rise above his scumbag status and do something good for once in his life. Will he do it, or shirk the responsibility to continue his life of doing married women? Before she's dead in the water, few have been hotter than Emily Mortimer! We see her rack and bush while she strips down for Joe on the beach, then takes her bra off while they fight in the house a little bit later. She truly stands alone on the Mount Rushmore of thin Brits with great tits! If you're a gentleman who prefers blondes, Pauline Turner goes full frontal with a very quick flash before she puts on her clothes, but it's Tilda Swinton who shows the most in this one. The legendary actress who's never been averse to showing skin, is nearly constantly naked while she bangs Joe from hull to stern in a bunch of different scenes. Who could work on a barge with a slim and sexy woman like that constantly lusting after your bulge? MILFy mamas desperate for youthful dick? Young Adam gave us a great look at em!