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Untamed Heart

Untamed Heart (1993)

Brief Nudity

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As Untamed Heart (1993) depicts the trials, tribulations and triumphs of a lovelorn waitress, it serves up a heaping helping of romance as well as some sexy images of its young star Marisa Tomei. The movie also includes Rosie PerezKyle SecorVincent KartheiserWillie Garson, and views of Marisa donning white panties and a matching brassiere! Thanks to the brunette ingénue’s onscreen charms, this motion picture was a hit at the box office. If that’s not successful enough, it also generated major interest in spank banks everywhere! While going to beauty school, a hottie called Caroline (Tomei) works part time at a diner. But one night she is attacked by a pair of thugs on the street. Luckily, they’re thwarted by the brute strength of a passerby named Adam (Christian Slater). In gratitude, Caroline gets him a job at the restaurant where she’s employed. Eventually, the two share more than just tips. As they get close, Adam tells her that he was the recipient of a baboon heart. Big deal, Mr. Skin handles his monkey whenever he imagines Marisa naked. Fortunately, this movie marks the starlet’s first ever nude scene! Granted, the clip was cut for the American release but it made it into a special European television broadcast version. We’ve never envied Euro-audiences more than when they exclusively saw Ms. Tomei’s ta-tas 20 years ago. In addition to baring her breasts, the topless actress lets Christian feel her up and kiss her nips! We’re guessing he felt an untamed hard-on!