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Half Baked (1998)

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One beautiful aspect of doper humor, in movies, is that the viewer enjoys all the effects of a rich and varied recreational drug experience without the potential legal inconveniences of being stoned. Cannabis voyeurs can put on Half Baked: Fully Baked Edition (1998) and buzz on a contact high, even though they have endured no direct contact with a smelly, stammering doper! Indulge in all the silliness of sativa saturation, but don’t worry about bong-water spills on the carpet and reefer burns in the sofa! Hilarity takes a lung-busting toke of absurdity when Dave Chappelle and a cast of red-eyed loadies go out for munchies and stumble down the path of an ever-escalating, implausibly amusing marijuana nightmare.


C.J. Fidler

Nude - as Henchwoman

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