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Touchless (2013)

Brief Nudity

(0:05) Tereza Vítu sitting on the toilet in what looks like her bra. (0:15) Tereza Vítu sitting down in a busty tight tanktop. (0:19) Tereza Vítu's stepfather takes down her tanktop and moves down her body. We definitely see her right breast pop into the frame. Then her left breast individually as well. (0:23) Tereza Vítu is leggy as she struggles on the ground with a guy during a dream. (0:30) Tereza Vítu is being taken from behind roughly. Her breasts pop into frame. Afterwards she is lying naked on the bed with the guy. Her right breast visible. (0:34) Marika Soposka in a large bra and panties ensemble. (0:37) Tereza Vítu is being screwed in bed. She is wearing nothing but stockings. We can see her left breast from the side and her right breast underneath the guy. (0:39) Tereza Vítu is lying on the bed wearing nothing but stockings. Her breasts are visible as a guy charges in. (0:42) Marika Soposka is in the bathroom in a bra and is joined by Tereza Vítu also in a bra. (0:49) Tereza Vítu is bed with her breasts visible above the covers. (0:50) Tereza Vítu is running down the hallway in a bra. (0:51) Tereza Vítu gets up in bed. She is in her panties and her breasts are visible. (0:58) Tereza Vítu is in bra and panties getting in bed with her stepdad in a dream. (1:01) Tereza Vítu is in her bra walking around.


Tereza Vitu


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