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The Painted Bird

The Painted Bird (2019)

Brief Nudity

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For a movie called The Painted Bird, it's about as pitch black as they come, both in storyline and even with it's black and white filming!  We are dropped into the middle of World War Two in this haunting period piece out of Czech Republic, into an unidentified Eastern European country at the heart of the conflict of the global conflict.  We follow a young Jewish boy Joska (Petr Kotlár), who is sent by his parents to go live with a distant aunt in what they assume would be a safer area, away from the Nazi's oppression.  When the poor young Joska arrives at his aunt's place, he finds that she has died suddenly and he is now forced to go on the arduous journey back home through war torn Eastern Europe at the height of the war, all by himself, to find his parents.  He not only seems to be on the fringe of every major battle of the war, he's dodging prejudiced locals in every town he passes through, along with wild life, creeps, and of course the worst kinds of people in human history, Nazis!!!  This tiny and resilient young Jewish lad seemingly has the world against him, and his journey is fraught with peril, but he could very well be small enough to slip through the cracks of World War Two!  Along the way, he sees some nudity too with Jitka Čvančarova, Júlia Valentová, and Denisa Pfauserová all getting naked in one way, shape, or form.