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The (Ex)perience of Love

The (Ex)perience of Love (2023)

Great Nudity!

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Rémy (Lazare Gousseau) and Sandra (Lucie Debay) are trying to conceive a child but have so far been unsuccessful. They turn to a fertility specialist who, after discussing their problem with colleagues at the Seattle Obstetrics Congress, diagnoses them with PLS or Past Love Syndrome, a mental a physical condition that can only be cured by going back through their list of exes and sleeping with them again. Sound like it might put a strain on their relationship? Well, it does, despite the two spending lots of scenes chatting naked with Lucie’s lovely bare breasts front and center. The past lovers appear in all manner of undress in trippy dream sequences, including Florence Loiret Callie, Ana Rodriguez, Annette Gatta, and Souad Toughrai, the last of whom reveals all three of her skinsational Bs in this battle of the barenaked exes!