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Dear Mother

Dear Mother (2020)

Great Nudity!

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Dear Mother (2020) is a joint Belgian-French production that is also sometimes known as The Origin of the World which is the closest translation to its French title: L'origine du monde. The film was made in 2020 and was meant to be released then, but it enjoyed its release in 2022. Laurent Lafitte directed this movie about a man named Jean-Louis whose heart suddenly stops. He hasn't died or anything like that, but his heart now lacks a pulse. He lives normally, walking and talking like absolutely nothing is wrong. Yet there is no heartbeat! His wife and his friend join him in his efforts to try to figure out why this has happened and whether or not he should be worried about this very off-beat and wonderful journey. Karin Viard plays the man's wife, Valerie Bordier. In one scene, Karin walks into a room naked. She holds a tray of drinks and snacks in front of her bush, but we can still see her bush - thank god. That's the snack right there! Between her beautiful bare boobs, her small waist, her hips, and her bush Karin Viard looks amazing. She is a middle-aged minx with a gorgeous body like that. She walks into the room naked where her husband and his friend are both also naked. They sit on a couch with an old lady who is totally clothed. Together, all three of them attempt to convince the old lady to join them in ditching her clothes. Karin makes it look so easy!